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How to Create More Storage Space in Your Closet

Updated: May 10, 2023

It's always a challenge to find more storage space in any home! My process for finding more storage space is simple! Grab everything in the 'target' space and sort all the items into one of four piles; keep; charity; recycle; and trash. The trouble is that a lot more ends up in the 'keep' pile (lol) than I would care to admit!

After following the above process to find some extra space for bed linen in my master bedroom closet, I realized that I needed a protective type of container that would be sturdy, made of breathable material, and have a lid, or a top cover. It also had to be a certain size to fit my shelves, and large enough for all the items I wanted to store. Last but not least, I wanted something that would look neat and tidy in my closet space.

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I found some fabric storage containers (shown in beige on the top shelf) that are not only cute, but also really practical and fit my needs perfectly. I managed to store everything I wanted and even make room to for some ‘new’ bedding (lol)! The larger containers are 22"(L) x 13"(W) x 12.6"(H). I can fit two queen-sized quilts in those. I also purchased these slightly smaller set (also in beige) that are 17.6"(L) x 13.6"(W) x 9.7"(H). I use these for storing t-shirts, sheet sets, and out-of-season clothing items. The storage boxes on the lower shelf (below the beige ones) are from IKEA.

I had bought soft storage bags from this manufacturer before and really loved the quality of their products. They have a range of products in varying sizes and colors, and that makes it easy to coordinate your storage containers in any closet.

In the picture on the left, I have stored several winter blankets, a queen-sized comforter, a couple of queen-sized quilts, and other winter bedding in my gray storage bags. Using the same bags, and in the same color, helps to create a neater and more organized space, while also protecting everything in each bag. I also like the fact that nearly every inch of space is being used effectively!

The IKEA shelving system you see in the photo below is called 'Algot'. We installed this shelving in almost every closet in our home. This particular storage series is now discontinued and IKEA have replaced it with a different series called 'Boaxel', which we have installed elsewhere in our home. The two main reasons we chose IKEA's shelving system were affordability and flexibility. Once installed, shelves can be moved easily to suit one's changing storage needs.

I hope to share more storage tips in future articles, so stay tuned!

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