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About Me


Hi, I’m Cathy, creator of! Welcome to my blog.


When I was a little kiddo, I got this amazing little tin house as a birthday present. The tin house came complete with a plastic family and plastic furniture. I used to spend hours playing with this toy, moving all the pieces around the rooms, and making up stories about each family member and their daily life. So, from an early age, I developed an interest in interior design and decor! 

After a wide-ranging business career in the marketing field, I decided to focus on my life-long enthusiasm for interior design, and to share some of my own solutions to interior decor challenges by creating My decor ‘style’ is a blend of transitional and modern. I would also throw in a pinch of ‘English Country’ as I spent the greater part of my early life in England, before living and working in the US.

I like to mix styles all the time, borrowing ideas from different trends and weaving them in to existing furnishings. I prefer to hold on to good quality furniture and decor, even when they are not terribly ‘fashionable’ or ‘trendy’. Sometimes, even ‘old’ can become ‘new’ when all you need to do is to move a piece of furniture to a different spot, or add a slipcover, or paint it!

I love symmetry and clean lines. I like uncluttered spaces and an easy-to-clean environment. I clean my own home (with a little help from my hubby, Andy), so many of my interior design choices and decisions are about ease of cleaning. My vacuum cleaner brush can easily reach under every piece of furniture!

Talking of my hubby, he is great at painting, cooking, plumbing, and a bunch of other things that I am not, so we make a great team. He also has a vast collection of vinyl records that had to be integrated into our interior design plans. It helps that he shares my liking for orderliness and an uncluttered environment. Many of my posts will cover organization, storage solutions, and much more. Stay tuned!


By the way, all the photos on my site are my own original photos, mostly taken in natural light. Please feel free to like, share and use (if using any photos, please link back to my original post). Some of the links in my posts may be affiliate or sponsored links from which I may earn a small commission. I will share such links mostly when I write about products that I like and have used myself.


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